Intelly Reward Program Airdrops

Airdrops are funded by The Intelly Reward Program and are distributed to the INTL holders in a USD based stable coin. The amount is distributed to the INTL holders corresponding to their INTL amount. The Airdrop amount is half of the net profit generated by the Intelly Reward Program. A single INTL holder should hold at least 50 INTL in their wallet to be eligible for Intelly Airdrop.

Airdrops may take place automatically at any time without any announcements beforehand. Right after the Intelly platform release, the Intelly Reward Program will start its investments. Since the size of the fund will always increase, there will be more investments at a time. Therefore the realization dates will vary, and this will result in a rise of airdrop frequency. The kind of investments the fund is making will vary. Therefore, the estimated income dates will vary as well.

There is no cost or any upper limit to participate in the airdrop program. To be eligible for airdrops, simply holding the required minimum amount of tokens in the wallet is sufficient. No further action is required.

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