Intelly Exchange

After a project has been launched and completed on the Intelly Platform, the completed development is put into a holding company and is tokenized in Fractionalized-NFT’s (F- NFT). This can be any real estate investment that generates a profit. From a house to a skyscraper to even an Airport.

After the project selected for tokenization has been successfully launched and completed, the investor will receive a real estate F-NFT associated with the project. This F-NFT enables the investor to collect returns generated from the project while still being able to sell the tokens on the Exchange at a later date. The generated returns will be payout in a USD based stable coin.

Projects not launched on the Intelly Platform will also be able to be tokenized. These projects will be launched directly on the Intelly Exchange.

Fees on the Exchange will be collected in INTL. After deducting operating costs, it will be added to the INTL Reserve and Intelly Reward Program.

As Intelly, we will create a base for a vibrant and profitable tokenized real estate Exchange. This is a key component of our vision for the future of real estate investment.

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