Intelly Credit

A Future Look

Intelly platform will build a real estate backed credit ecosystem and offer loans for people who choose to take a credit to make real estate investments on The Intelly Platform and present investment opportunities to the people who plans to invest in mortgage-backed securities. Loan offers will be examined face to face in Intelly Loan Offices based on the authenticity of the e-wallet holder, e-wallet history, deep background check, income, education level, citizenship, asset’s location, and country of affiliation. According to the scoring level, the credit taker will be presented with an interest. This will help the platform to build a Credit NFT which will be pooled according to the scoring level. These pools will then be fractionalized as A Pool Credit Securities, B Pool Credit Securities, C Pool Credit Securities, D Pool Credit Securities, and E Pool Credit Securities. These Security holders will earn the right to share the pool's total interest and principal payments. When a loan payment fails, Intelly will prioritize the sale of the asset in the associated marketplace. The Credit System will provide attractive entry points and up-to-mark potential for risk-adjusted returns. Investors will be able to make a combination of a reasonable yield in the base case.

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