Intelly Platform

Invest in Real Estate with INTL

The Intelly Platform lists many kinds of real estate investment opportunities, located in different areas around the globe with different estimated ROI, state (land, ongoing construction, residence, commercial property, etc.), and investment size. Ownership is represented by a Fractionalized-NFT.

Intelly has developed relationships with international real estate companies and developers. So that these companies will accept payments via INTL, The investment opportunities of these developers are listed on the Intelly Platform, enabling investors from all around the world to invest easily. This will bring more liquidity and Intelly Reward programe Airdrop income, subsequently increasing the INTL ecosystem's overall volume.

Investors are able to directly invest in the investment option they would like to participate in. The Intelly Platform enables several investment types. From participating in development projects to Real estate tokenization. There is no funding limit for Projects launched on the platform. In case the required amount couldn't be reached for a specific investment option, the amount raised will be delivered back to each investor in USD stable coin.

When the projected profit rate of a particular project/asset has been reached, Intelly will handle the profit realization and distribution of the realized profit to the investors in a USD based stable coin.

Trade between two parties

INTL will be the best option for making a real estate trade between two parties. Both the investor and the seller will stay on the safe side of a trade.

How is it working?

With the help of the smart contract infrastructure, both parties will be able to prepare an online agreement on this infrastructure and initiate it by deploying the contract. This process will control and start the token transfer as well. The investor's funds are safe until the asset acquisition is completed. And the seller/developer has full trust and clear understanding about when and how many tokens will be transferred to their wallet at what milestones. The minor INTL fee taken from this process is transferred directly to the INTL Reserve.

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