Intelly Reward Program

*Formally known as the Wealth Fund

The Intelly Reward Program has been created to share profitability with INTL holders, which are not participating in any investment opportunity on the Intelly Platform. %3 of the revenue generated on the intelly platform is invested in the Intelly Reward Program. The funds will be re-invested by the Intelly Reward Program in real estate and financial investments all around the world. The Intelly Reward Program might participate in investment opportunities on the Intelly Platform.

Fund management reports will be published on the official website and media platforms. At any date, when the profit is realized, it will be distributed to the INTL holders directly in a USD-based stable coin. The profit distribution to the INTL holders is called Intelly Airdrop.

The Intelly Reward Program may also take part in INTL token buybacks, and the tokens that have been taken out of the market will be burned. This action will stimulate deflation.

After realizing the profit generated by the Intelly Reward Program, half of the net profit will be added to the fund itself. This will lead to exponential growth in the size of the fund, which will result in higher Airdrop income for the INTL holders. The remaining 50% of the net profit will be distributed between the INTL holders regarding their INTL share on the market.

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